Online Games - Playing Keno

There are many games that players can find when they check the lobby of a casino online. An impressive thing about online casino games is that they offer much comfort than their land-based counterparts since you are not required to visit a physical casino to play them. Keno is one of the common games that many online casinos provide on their game lobby. This article will explain how the game works as well as the different strategies you can use on the games. Visit for top casino reviews.

The Goal of a Keno Game

Keno is a lottery-based casino game that is played using balls that are numbered. To play the game, you will need to purchase a keno scorecard from the casino. A typical keno scorecard consist of numbers anywhere between 80 and 120. The major goal of the game is to mark your lucky numbers in the keno scorecard before the commencement of the raffle draw. In online keno, once you load the game, you will be presented with the scorecard on the game screen.

The numbers you can select on a keno scorecard varies from one version of the game to the other. There are some versions that allows players to select as much as 10 numbers while others can even allow you to select up to 20 numbers. You can check the information menu which the developer of the game has included to know how many numbers maximum you are permitted to select. After selecting your lucky numbers on the keno scorecard, a raffle draw will be held.

In the raffle draw, labelled balls will be selected at random and if your number ends up being among the ones selected, then you win a prize in the game. The payout of a keno game is dependent on how many numbers you are able to predict correctly and the total numbers you selected. For instance, if you select just one number on the scorecard and it turns out to be the winning number, you can expect more payout than selecting 5 numbers and only one is correct.

  • Keno is played using numbered balls and scorecards
  • The payout of the game is based on the numbers guessed correctly

Online Keno Strategies

Keno is a game that is based entirely on luck, which means that there is no skill involved playing it. Thus, there is little you can do to improve your odds of winning in the game. Nevertheless, professional keno players use some strategies while playing the game. One of the common strategies they use is to buy several keno scorecards for a single game round. Thus, they will have the option of choosing more numbers, and if lucky win big on all the cards.

A good way you can get started playing keno games is to start by playing the free versions. There are several online casinos out there that provide free keno games. You can practice on these free games. In fact, you can also make use of free online keno games to test out different kinds of strategies. By testing the strategies, you can know which one will work best for you when you start playing real money keno games at an online casino.